The Lethbridge Rugby Club hosts a minis program for children aged 8 to 14 of all abilities. Headed by Nevin Morrison, this program has been very successful in bringing new interest to rugby in Southern Alberta and cultivating a new generation of players.

Mini Rugby Program Details 2019:

Our mini rugby program is made up of 16 one-hour sessions (each session includes approximately 1/2 hour training and 1/2 hour games). We also have the potential to progress to more “real game” scenarios (especially with the older age grades) but will base most games around flag rugby.

Kids are required to wear weather appropriate active wear, cleats or runners, and a mouth guard (a cheap one will do). 

This year’s minis season starts on April 16th and sessions run every Tuesday and Thursday between 5:30 and 6:30 PM. 


For more information about Minis rugby please contact Nevin Morrison (

You can register for the 2019 Season HERE.

Registration Price Structure Breakdown

For more information, please contact Nevin Morrison:

Nevin Morrison
Mini Rugby Coordinator
Lethbridge Rugby Club
Cell: 403-694-0157