2018 Schedule is LIVE

We’re very happy with this schedule, as for the first time in years our teams are all together regularly- 6 weeks total, with our Men’s teams almost always playing together (every week except one), which is great both for ensuring we keep full team sheets and for giving development opportunities to our younger players.

Bring it on!

March 17 Events at the Lethbridge Rugby Club

St. Patrick’s Day- the yearly excuse for everyone to pretend they are Irish and drink Guinness all day. $5 Pints of Guinness! Homemade Irish Cream! Boozy Shamrock Shakes!

$5 Bangers and Mash Dinner (with fresh-made bangers) at 7:00 PM.

All are welcome!

Early morning rugby action from Super Saturday- the final day of Six Nations Rugby, and we’ll have it live on screen at the Lethbridge Rugby Club. Can Ireland take down England and sweep the Six Nations? Will Wales triumph over France? Come watch with us and find out.

Free pancake breakfast for attendees.

It’s been a good long while since the LRC had a deep clean and decluttering – you’ll already be at the club for Six Nations Rugby and St Patrick’s Day, so why not help out and start off the new year on the right foot?

Free Dinner (Bangers and Mash) provided for those that volunteer for cleanup.
Note: If you are a member in poor standing with the club due to owed Bingo shifts, helping with cleanup will count as a shift towards what you owe.

News Roundup

Lots of upcoming dates and events for the Rugby club

March 17 – St Patrick’s Day Party – Six Nations Rugby in the AM. Drinking in the PM (and AM). $5 pints of Guinness all day long.
April 3- First practice of the 2018 Season
May 5- (Likely) first game of the 2018 Season
May 18-20- Maggotfest in Missoula, Montana

Maggotfest 2018

The Lethbridge Rugby Club is heading to Maggotfest! For the first time in a decade, the Lethbridge Rugby Club will be sending a Men’s team to Maggotfest 2018, May 19th and 20th in Missoula, Montana. We couldn’t be more excited for the preseason runabout, the cheap beer, and the rugby camaraderie.